Meet Sandy Farquharson – the net expert

From being one’s last desperate choice to becoming the first source for many padel players around the world.

Through The Padel School, Sandy Farquharson has become one of the most famous padel inspirers online.

– The sport is developing rapidly and it feels great to be a part of that development, he says.

Sandy Farquharson, from Great Britain, has always been curious. Therefore, it was love at first sight when he tried padel. But there was a problem – the sport was still in its infancy outside Spanish-speaking countries. This meant that he barely found any information in English when he searched for inspiration and training tips.

– I tried to learn Spanish and all expressions, but it was frustrating and eventually I experienced that many others had the same worries, says Sandy.

As a retired professional tennis player, however, he was relatively easy to learn to play – and soon he became a coach himself. To simplify the training, he started recording videos for his clients with simple exercises. Movies that also reached others and the number of viewers increased.

The Padel School became huge

It was the start of something big. Through the website The Padel School and its social medias, he explains everything you need to know to become a better player. Today, for example, Sandy Farquharson’s Youtube channel has a total of more than twelve million views (as of May 25th) and an average of 500,000 per month. That makes him one of the great inspirers in the padel world.

– Every time I come out on the field I think about what I should do next time. But now I get more and more questions from viewers, which makes it easier. Extra fun is that there are followers from all corners of the world. This morning, for example, there was a question from a player in Bahrain, a pretty unusual padel country, says Sandy and laughs.

However, it was precisely in the Persian Gulf that he discovered the sport. After a career on the professional tennis tour, which was followed by a time as a coach on both the WTA and ATP tours, he ended up in Dubai to work at a tennis academy. One day a padel competition was arranged in the area and one player was missing. Sandy got the question.

– I became someone’s last desperate choice, he says and continues:

– After that day, I have never looked back and pretty soon afterwards, the competition organizer asked if I wanted to stay and be responsible for the facility. Leaving my tennis career was one of the easiest decisions I have made. I had been training and playing competitions since I was 6–7 years old. It was fun to learn something new again. The timing was perfect.

Was educated by ”The godfather of padel”

He traveled to Spain and trained with some of the most reputable Spanish coaches. Among others, Horacio Clementi, whom he calls ”The godfather of padel”.

– He was the first one I came across. Imagine my luck, says Sandy and laughs.

At the same time, his own game developed rapidly as well. Which eventually led to success internationally. In addition to being a recognized guru in training theory, he represents the British national team, for which he has played both the European Championships and the World Cup. He will continue to do so – even if his own playing career is not of the highest priority.

– I focus on my own training mainly as the championships approaches. Unfortunately, we do not have such a high level in the UK so far, which makes it difficult to find good players to play with here.

Wants to develop British padel

In that matter, he hopes to contribute to a change in the future – when he after a time abroad, has moved back to his home country again.

– I want to help clubs and coaches to conduct real quality training and raise the level of the game. But then it is important that there are coaches who can train the players as well.

– Our vision in The Padel School is to help the sport to grow all over the world and we believe that everyone should have access to good training.

Sandy Farquharson

Age: 37.

Lives: In London.

Family: Wife and a daughter (one year old). 

Profession: Coach Educator and Content Creator.  

Hobbies: Golf, outdoor and cooking.

Favorite padel shot: Vibora. 

Hidden talent: Horticulture!


Quick questions with Sandy

What is it about padel that fascinates?

– I have a master’s degree in sports biomechanics, and padel is mainly about breaking down movement patterns. But what I like most is that it is so social. At the same time, I also appreciate that the technical barriers are so low. When an adult starts playing tennis, it takes ten lessons to even learn to serve. A beginner can play padel within half an hour.


What is the most difficult part of teaching padel?

– It is so easy to learn. As a result of that, many players have become accustomed to playing the wrong way. It is difficult to change bad habits. If you succeed, however, you can change your entire game with small means.

– The players are often looking for the wrong things to learn. What people want is not always what they need. For example, it is very common for a player to want to improve their topspin smash. But how often do you use it in a match situation?


Which question is most common?

– What racket to have. People are incredibly focused on that, but it is so individual as well as there are many different brands and models that it becomes very difficult to give any recommendations.


What pedagogical method do you have as a coach?

– I am very game-based and think it is important to start from sequences that arise in the game itself. Then I try to break it down from there. All players are unique and that is something I really consider. They learn in different ways and I have to adapt myself and the training sessions to each individual who comes to a training.

The Padel School

Sandy Farquharson started the Youtube channel in early 2019 to teach padel to players at all levels. From simple exercises for beginners and fitness training to more advanced tactics and complicated shots. Sandy’s skill of being able to explain complex techniques/tactics in a simple way to understand and learn, accounts for the growth in popularity both online and in person. The Padel School has now developed to a digital platform where Sandy besides social media and YouTube also runs courses both online and physically. All this with one goal – to make padel grow worldwide through the community.


The most viewed clips on Youtube


1. How to improve your padelserve? Padel Technique – ca 570 000 views.

2. How to serve like WPT players! – ca 553 000 views.

3. Padel Tactics: Basic court positions – ca 357 000 views.

4. What is the ”Chiquita”? And how can you use it? – ca 326 000 views.

5. Differences between bandeja vs vibora! Padel smashes – ca 263 000 views.

Statistics from May 2022. använder padelkakor för att göra din vistelse på sajten så bra som möjligt. Läs mer om padelkakorna här!